Loaded Carry 03222020

Complete 4 sets starting with a lightweight and increasing the effort as long as the reps are completed unbroken with quality:

•5 Single Arm Alternating Push Press + 50' Right Overhead/ Left Front Rack Carry
•5 Single Arm Alternating Push Press + 50' Left Overhead / Right Front Rack Carry
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Metcon 03222020

Complete 4 rounds starting every 3rd minute:

•7/10 Calorie Bike
•12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch #35/50 (M50+ #25/40)
•1 Rope Climb

**Time each round individually and score the slowest.**
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Thomas El-Far

Thomas El-Far 3 months, 2 weeks ago / Reply

Metcon 03222020: 1:34
Notes: 200m run 12 Alt DB snatch 50# 2 towel pull ups

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