Fall into Fitness Challenge

Fall into Fitness Challenge

Challenge Details

This Challenge is open to Current Members of Infinite Loop CrossFit.  Not a member but want to get started?  Click here to set up a time for a free intro and we can get you started!  Or email us at info@infiniteloopcrossfit.com.

Summer is over and between vacations, cookouts, and being out of your normal routines, perhaps you put on a few pounds or weren't as consistent at the gym?  This challenge is the perfect way to get yourself back on track and with a group and our coaches to help you stay accountable!

The Nutrition portion will have 2 options/tracks:

Clean Eating Challenge: this will be similar in format to the No Sugar Challenge we did in January. You'll have lists of "yes" and "no" foods and your goal will be to stick to the clean "yes" foods for the length of the challenge.  We can customize what "Clean Eating" means based on the individual and their goals.  You don't have to count calories or track your macros.  Just eat clean for a month!

If it Fits your Macros Challenge:  For those who are concerned about 100% giving up some of the "no" foods for a month, this plan will allow you to have some occasional "cheat" meals... or maybe you want to be able to have a few cocktails on a Friday night. On this plan, you can BUT you will need to log all of your food and make sure these splurges "fit" into your daily macro goals.

What is included in the challenge?

  • Work directly with a coach to set your own goals for the month and decide which nutrition option is best for you.
  • Weekly check ins by our coaches to help you along the way and make sure you stay on track.
  • A closed Facebook group for all participants where we'll share any tips, struggles, and help keep one another accountable.
  • Emails several times a week will provide motivation, tips, meal suggestions and recipes. 
  • Weekly attendance goals in class and extra workout challenges.
  • Weekly accessory workouts for extra points.
  • Daily goals for getting enough sleep and drinking your water.
  • Before & after weigh in / body fat, measurements, and photos.
  • Prize for the winner!  A winner will be chosen based on consistency with the challenge goals.
Why does it cost money?
We are putting together some great content to share with everyone, and we will take time to meet with everyone to discuss your goals and strategies for success.  Also, you are more likely to stay consistent with the guidelines if you have some "skin in the game" - it's a lot easier to give up and let yourself slack if you don't have anything invested.  We're here to help you all along the way.

Daily Goals


Drink your water!

Your goal should be to drink around 100 oz of water per day, especially on days you work out, but we're shooting for a minimum of 64 oz per day (8 x 8 oz glasses).  

Give yourself a point for each day that you meet your water goal!

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Give yourself a point for getting to bed on time and shoot for a minimum of 7 hours per night.

Eat Healthy!

Eat Healthy - 4 Possible Points
  • 4 Points - Perfect day, no cheats, or right on your macro target
  • 3 Points - One Minor Slip, or within 10% of your macro goals
  • 2 Points - Significant Slip
  • 1 Points - Major Slip
  • 0 Points - More than one cheat or did not log food at all!

Weekly Goals


Workout at least 3x per week

Check into class at least 3 times per week for maximum points.

If you are traveling or unable to make it to the gym you can also get credit for being active on your own!  Just let a coach know what you did and we'll be sure you get credit.


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Challenge Info:

Fall into Fitness Challenge

Dates: Sept. 3, 2019 - Sept. 30, 2019

Reg Deadline: Sept. 4, 2019

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Registration: $49.00

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